The SieKids Kindervilla of the Siemens Corporation

This is what the Kindervilla looks like

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area of the Kindervilla is designed for the kindergarten and hort children. There is a large jungle gym with hanging bridge, a slide and a climbing wall. Both of these large playground structures are set in the sandbox, which also offers a water pump and gives the children enough room for sand and water play. An extra sidewalk gives the children plenty of room to ride various vehicles and extra areas offer enough room to run and play. There is also a park across from this facility.

Lower Floor

  • Lobby with information bulletin board for parents
  • Wardrobe area for kindergarten and hort children
  • Role-playing room with cuddle corner and play house
  • Block and building room with elevated play area
  • Kitchen/Bistro
  • Two children’s bathrooms (with sinks for water play)
  • Main office and staff wardrobe
  • Handicapped/Guest bathroom

Upper Floor

  • Large playroom with various jungle gyms and three-sided climbing wall
  • Quiet room that can turn into block and building room as needed
  • Homework room/Hort room
  • Arts and craft room with plaster-catching basin and magnetic Whiteboard
  • Area for parents
  • Staff room
  • Two children’s bathrooms (with sinks for water play)

We are bilingual

All facilities of the Siemens Corporation are bilingual, meaning that both German and English are spoken at all times in the facility. We work with the Immersion concept; children are surrounded by both languages spoken to them by German or English-speaking teachers who remain in their language.

KiTa Doris-Ruppenstein-Straße – SieKids Kindervilla, Erlangen

Place(s) available: 1
Bemerkung: ab sofort für Kinder aus dem Schulsprengel Adalbert-Stifter-Grundschule und Montessori-Grundschule Erlangen
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How to find us

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