SIEMENS Kindergarten

Who we are

The Kinderlaube, Kindernest, Kinderinsel, Kindervilla and the Kinderburg are company-owned facilities of the Siemens Corporation. In July 2007, the Kinderlaube opened its doors. The Kindernest opened in Erlangen’s Roethelheimpark in October 2009. The Kinderinsel followed in July 2012, opening its doors at the Friedrich-Bauer-Straße in Erlangen. Two more facilities followed, the Kindervilla in the Roethelheimpark in September 2014 and the Kinderburg on Komotauer Strasse in Erlangen, which opened in March 2015.

Kinderhaus Nürnberg gGmbH manages all five facilities for the Siemens Corporation. Due to the separation of the Siemens Corporation with its Health Care Division, the Kindernest and Kinderlaube have been assigned to the Healthcare Corporation, although several places are still allocated for the Siemens Corporation.

The Distribution is as follows:

Facility Membership Nursery Kindergarten After-school Total
Kinderburg SAG 48 30
(as of Sept.: 31)
(as of Sept.: 31)
(as of Sept.: 110)
Kinderinsel SAG 50 35 20 105
Kindervilla SAG   30 20 50
Kinderlaube HC 40 26 23 89
Kindernest HC (37 places) 27 10   67
SAG (30 places) 15 15  

In an emergency, arrangements can be made with the Siemens Corporation and Siemens Healthcare to care for children on a day by day basis.

With daily operating hours from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., our child care facilities support the compatibility of family and career.

The child care facilities are inviting and have a generous room layout. Our facilities also have large gardens. In all our child care facilities, we work with a caregiver/child ratio of 1:9. The educational team is also supported by a staff of housekeepers, cooks and maintenance personnel. We also offer apprenticeships for teachers and caregivers in different levels of study.

The kindergarten and children from the after school program (Hort) receive a healthy lunch provided by the Nürnberg caterer a*kulina. Breakfasts and snacks are prepared by our kindergarten staff. Drinks are also provided by the kindergarten.

Please note that we admit children 6 months and older in our nursery.

Our work with children

The child care facilities are set up as a „house for children“in that children of different age groups are able to play and learn together. Siblings can be cared for simultaneously in the same facility and transitioning from one area to another occurs more smoothly. Through the open educational concept, children have the possibility to choose the activity they would like to do, the length of the activity and with whom they would like to do the activity. The Hort children can visit the nursery children, for example, or the kindergarten children can participate in an activity with the Hort children. The goal of this concept is to teach the children to be independent and promote learning on their own.

Additionally, children are encouraged to participate in projects and activities with children their own age. All children have an assigned educator who helps them acclimate to their surroundings and observes and supports them during meals, projects and other activities. The assigned educator also works together with the child’s parents. A set daily routine, recurring rituals, regular visits to the garden, field trips and a thoughtfully arranged environment also provide a stable educational framework.

Areas of focus in our work as educators


  • Individual acclimation with the support and participation of parents
  • Sense of reassurance, comfort and security through the assigned educator
  • Accompany and encourage independent developments
  • Age appropriate games, activities and spaces to play
  • Accompany the transition to kindergarten
  • Encourage and develop social, cognitive and individual skills


  • Develop and encourage personal and social skills
  • Teach independence
  • Impart knowledge and evaluation skills through activities and projects
  • Prepare for school through preschool activities conducted in smaller groups
  • Thematic emphasis: science, art, music, exercise and nutrition

After-school program:

  • Encourage social and cognitive skills
  • Regular supervised homework times and supporting school lessons a little more in-depth and in a playful manner
  • Diverse free-time activities
  • Project days and open activities
  • Thematic emphasis: science, technology, exercise and relaxation
  • Child care when schools are closed

All facilities of the Siemens Corporation and the Healthcare Corporation are bilingual. The children are educated in two languages – German and English. The teachers use the Immersion Concept, which means that teachers speak either German or English and stay in that language.

What you should know

  • Children from the age of six months until the end of elementary school (4th Grade) will be accepted.
  • Employees of the Siemens Corporation and the Healthcare Corporation have priority.
  • Children will have a place for an entire year as availability allows.
  • Application and registration is only accepted by the Siemens Corporation. Their contact information is You can find helpful information about admission criteria. The admission consultation and finalizing the contract will take place with Kinderhaus gGmbH.